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Money Bath in politics
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I wish. :)
Kinda explains it. in politics
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how can you cheat in a rigged system? :)
Political Hypocrisy in politics
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Boomer gymnastics in politics
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the social contract is based in the idea that at birth you give consent to be a member of the society you were born in, taking on all responsibilities they wish to enact. this includes military service, taxation,and law abiding.

This however is debunked as

1.children cannot consent to legal activities.

2. children at birth cannot consent at all due to thier intelligence, which makes it impossible to actually have the contract be a legitimate arument

3. the parents can give consent on the kids behalf, but it must be both verbal and written. Last I checked there is no record of my parents signing my rights away.

therefore the social contract is a failed philosophy and has no de jure groundings.

the social contract if you didnt know, was an idea promoted primarily by monarchs during the medieval and later periods of Europe.And was promoted heavily by Thomas Hobbes.

This theory would be used extensively to require obedience by the lower classes to the kingdoms government. Obviously people are still to stupid to think critically even today.