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Ces't la vie
upvote :-) and as a bonus, you get to donate blood to the area's exclusive Mosquito/Blackfly club :-) they get pretty bad where I'm at :-/
Do you think they did this on purpose, or is this causality?
Almost sounds like the scenario in this movie! Not a bad flick, kinda ridiculous, but the effects are pretty good :-)
Rocket Man
...and then there's the "Herman" cartoons :-)...another good one!
Pompous Albert Loses His Favourite Spot On The Couch
:-) This cute kitty has been featured on the Internet like Grumpy spite of the rather sinister face, he's a real sweetie, too, just like Tarder Sauce (Grumpy) is :-)
Rocket Man
Once in awhile, I find a Far Side Collection book at the local Thrift Shop, and I grab it :-) Got half a dozen that way so far :-) they're keepers!! "Rubes" is pretty good, too!