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rainbow over a lake
Well, I'm 64, and have been a regular FB user since 2011, but I'll give you a pass for not wanting to tackle the learning curve. I was the square peg in high school, and started hanging out at the Dartmouth College computer center in about 1970, when I was in 10th grade, so I do have a 'slight' advantage over you. lol. I would likely feel a bit overwhelmed by computers in general, and facebook if I was just getting into the whole thing. But FB has been a real life saver for me, its my social life since my car is off the road and I live in a rural area, I market my computer repair business through it in the many local FB groups, etc etc. The interface is just a FB share button to post memes on FB, but it links back to the site here, so I just download the ones I make and then upload them to FB it just makes it cleaner.
rainbow over a lake
You. Don't. Use. Facebook. I'd have been less shocked if you said you don't use a phone, or cars, or toilet paper. I can't imagine life like that. Its everything to me from a local marketing channel for my business to my social life and the source of virtual friendships around the world so there's pretty much no time of the day or night I can't find someone to talk to, to where I post the memes I make here. But I suppose if I had more of a life, I might not be on it so much. I'm just grateful I do, or I'd likely lose what little sanity I have left.
rainbow over a lake
thanks. And the fact that you noticed says you are a good person too, and you're right they can be hard to find. Many of the good people I know are just virtual friends that I will likely never meet IRL, but given the geographic isolation of where I live, if it wasn't for Facebook, I'd just be talking to myself and my dogs. Look me up on Facebook sometime.
rainbow over a lake
No worries there, We're all adults, we all know about my feelings, I see him as a brother that I wouldn't ever want to hurt, I respect what that ring means, and wouldn't want anyone who wouldn't as well. Its a b**ch being a mature adult sometimes, esp. when your heart just doesn't want to hear that news. I've got a meme for that, but am still sorting out how that works. The poet Emily Dickinson once said, "The heart wants what the heart wants, or else it does not care." My take on that is the heart wants what the heart wants, and it does not count the cost of that wanting. C'est la vie.
rainbow over a lake
She is gorgeous, she spends little time in the mirror, there's just the matter of that big old diamond on her left hand...