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Brace Yourselves X is Coming
I just have an account to go there for the lulz. I do some writing for a local newspaper, and I have trouble keeping myself to 1,000 words. Saying something meaningful in 288 characters just doesn't track for me. That 45 uses it as his primary comm channel speaks volumes about him.
My Cat Is Sad Template
Posted this so visitors would know its available as a template. You're welcome.
Pirate Cat
That was def a laugh I needed. TY.
Liberal Logic - Please DON'T Tell Me More
f you believe that 12.5 illegal immigrants voted, I have a bridge I want to sell you. A baker's dozen in fact. I'll make you a hell of a deal on them, but you have to pay me in rubles and Russian hookers. Oh, and throw in a few kilos of fresh Beluga caviar.
Democrats care about 1 thing after being elected. How to stay there.
lolol. I do hope that's sugarless kool-aid you are drinking, nothing like a bunch of empty sugar calories to add the pounds on in a hurry.