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Yippee! ITS ALMOST CHRISTMAS!!! (check out Lemonade_Cue-173 and AnotherHotTrombonePlayer's memes)
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I, myself, am the average real tree enjoyer in Christmas
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real is only good for vibes and smells. artificial is cleaner, plus you can just get a christmas candle or something.
When you realize santa is fake in Christmas
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image tagged in gigastacy | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
me whose parents told me santa was fake from day 1
Coffee Crusader in StopChristianaphobia
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i completely agree with the second to last sentence. people need to learn that people wont agree with anything you say if you are rude. instead, try to help them find their way. dont force it on them or they will feel uncomfortable. saying that you will go to hell if you arent a christian most likely not make someone want to be a christian.
Afraid To Ask Andy in Christian-clean-meme
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im so sorry to hear that. i am praying for you and your other friend. do you know if this friend was a christian?
Untitled Image in Dark_humour
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bro im about to whip me up a suicide note because my essay is due tomorrow and i am failing the class