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Don't sacrifice quality for an idea- you can count on me to give that a shot. Thank y'all for 10k points!
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If you remember this intro, tell the title from Nickelodeon! in fun
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You know that everyone knows man
unless you missed all of last year
Simple logic in politicsTOO
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tell me the likelihood that magically, the numbers increased in a week to be larger than the entire previous season. No disease has ever had that swell of appearance, and as a quick note...
doesn't the time frame here correlate with the vaccines, if the information is correct? An impossible surge in numbers as soon as vaccines enter common use?
I'm guessing: "he shouldn't have been murdered." in politicsTOO
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Views change with time. The fact we were running with the wrong crowd gives us a bad rap, but we aren't as bad as people like to make us out to be. The same goes for Democrats.
Defund the police? How about fire the police and institute a new peace keeping force that follows the law in politicsTOO
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None of those, other than the statistics, were wrong. They were opinions, or arguments. The fact that there is no hard data to prove your statement is a little bit shameful. Plus, you're degrading to petty statements to try and shoo off my argument like two teenage girls flailing their arms in a fight. You have nothing solid against what I have stated, therefore meaning it is not incorrect.