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Oof size Germanic in History_Memes
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image tagged in absolutely barbaric | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I. Romano Centurio: "Barbari non conficebitis aliquid."
II. Barbarus: "O ita? Deinde meme non scribit in Latine?"
III. Centurio putat.
IV. Centurio est iratus. Vicus Barbarorum est ardens. Roma est victoriosus!
How to butcher an MLK quote, 101 in Politics_Redux
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True. But...

There was no excuse to destroy innocent peoples' livelihoods, especially in the middle of this pandemic when so many people are struggling financially. I don't deny that police brutality and systematic racism exist. Fixing those dynamics and all the suffering they cause is vital and urgent, without a doubt. But hurting people simply because you can doesn't fix jacks***. It only makes the whole mess worse.
This holiday greeting was unfeatured from “politics” for being too apolitical. So you know what? Merry Xmas, Politics_Redux in Politics_Redux
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image tagged in right back at ya buckaroo | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Happy holidays(saying that instead of "Merry Christmas" doesn't make me part of some fever dream conspiracy, despite what some of the more delusional people on the internet will tell you) to you too.