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Get woke, become a joke. Marxism never works. in politics
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At least they didn't damage the sign
I think that would be more productive. in politics
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Wtf? 🤦‍♂️
WTF IS WRONG WITH US?? in politics
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Why does that catzi not have a mask on?
Be like Bill. in fun
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Grand idea, but I highly doubt me and you are gonna get it done brainstorming it on imgflip, I also doubt the term "reduce price" is gonna go over too well with the gubbmint though, I don't Think they know how to reduce prices to make our lives better and easier lol
Be like Bill. in fun
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Yeah because people are gonna care if the gubbmint says so right? We had a litter problem before the covid masks what makes you think they're gonna care now? You act like this can all be undone with a simple word and a snap of the finger, at this point there's probably more dirty masks blowing in the wind then there are ppl in this country and before I finished typing this sentence a dozen more just got carelessly tossed