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IncognitoGuy, Pollard, Firestar, Jemy, please report to the comments. Keep in mind, I saw the image. in IMGFLIP_PRESIDENTS
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Happy to serve as Jemy's lawyer at this stage of the proceedings if she will have me as counsel.
Happy to serve as Jemy's lawyer if there's actually an impeachment, cuz her post was well within the roleplay. in IMGFLIP_PRESIDENTS
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Jemy's post made a point that was quite clever, which is that IG is the one hyper-sexualizing everything with his tendency to equate LGBTQ flags with sex itself, claiming G-rated kissing in Disney movies is NSFW -- even as he yammers incessantly about no-fap and orgasms and e-thots out the other side of his mouth. His comment and posting history here proves he's not against discussion of sexuality here per se, but that he wants to use mod powers on this politically diverse stream to insist any discussion of sex conform to his own narrow beliefs about it.

That's certainly something voters ought to consider.
Same in EGOS
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