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Thoought for thee Day

Thoought for thee Day |  THOOUGHT FOR THEE DAY; SPORTS; FOOTBALL; art of delivering an air filled BALL to a netted location with their foot ( fok u hands); GOLF; for humans who have dedicated their existence to using a club to subsequently hit a white BALL to a hole; BASKETBALL; witness freaking Gaints jumping around while handling a bouncy brown leather BALL to try and put it through a netted ring; CRICKET; spend a day (days) watching experts of ball mechanics hitting (with a bat), throwing and catching a BALL. It is your fault if the BALL hits your BAlls .witness men(women) with the bat, suit up for ball war. MMA; fifteen minutes of how to knock the socks off a person.No hitting in the precious BALLS. I TOLD YOU , BALLS RULE | image tagged in the guru pitka,thoought for thee day,humour,sports,think about it,dog meme | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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