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aka: Bendy Phone, Bendy Papa
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BATIM Phone Blank Meme Template

Bendy has a hard time with upgrades.

Bendy has a hard time with upgrades.  |  Well, I got your letter. What is it you wanted me to see? Henry! It’s Bendy. Bendy? My character, Bendy? What about him? This is going to sound crazy, but Bendy... well, he... He saved us 15 % or more by switching the company car insurance to Geico, Henry! HI, DAD. CAN I GET A NEW PHONE? THIS ONE GOT A LIZARD ON IT. ...I’M GOING BACK TO HELL, NOW. You’re his creator. You should be so PROUD! | image tagged in batim phone,bendy and the ink machine,bendy,geico,spoiler | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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