╰☆☆ α strєαm fσr єntєrtαínmєnt. ít's fσr thσsє whσ prєfєr thє σld ímgflíp. чσu hαvє 3 suвmíssíσns dαílч. αnчthíng ís αllσwєd єхcєpt pσrn. lєt's mαkє thís σnє σf thє вєst strєαms σn ímgflíp tσgєthєr ☆☆╮
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Lefties can be awkward sometimes

Lefties can be awkward sometimes | I Got A New Pair Of Gloves Today But They're Both "Lefts" Which, On The One Hand Is Great But On The Other Hand It's Just Not "Right" | image tagged in craziness pretty woman,memes,puns | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Scumbag Repost Whiner Logic

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Cat-Pain Obvious

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