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Welcome to the stream of the Jaiden simp himself, Danny. Yeah, this simp has a stream. and pretty much abandoned. I have a discord, not that anybody cares (
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Uh, description..

Uh, description.. |  Sixty-four people playing games and talking
Blackhole threatens all of them
‘til a blue hand stops them

Their name is Four
With X in tow
Can we trust them?
I don’t know!
They said

“Don’t you wanna battle for a prize?
You could win a BFDI!”

Eight teams of eight are made
Get a basket and you’ll be safe!
Elimination time, its cake at stake
Pencil’s out and taken away

Where’d she go?
Their jaws are slack
Four brings dead contestants back
Let’s prevent death
Starting now
I can’t be-leaf who just got out!

Swing and swing
Just likе that
Taco’s gone?
Oh, now she’s back!

Let’s draw Four!
I bеt they’d love it
Forks are flying right above us

Rocky, please tell me thats cake
One by one they’re declared safe
Liy’s out, thats four so far
Paper airplanes like shooting stars

Four times zero equals zero
Now Donut’s the only host here, so
Avoid the twinkle of contagion
Let’s all get in Golfball’s spaceship

Loser lied and now they’re gone
Close the connection and stop the bomb
Now the Earth is on the Moon
We don’t tolerate cheating, Free Food

X is in Fries, pull them out
X is the host this episode’s about
Bring Four back
The games a mess
And now we’ll see inside the E.X.I.T

One contestant will rejoin
Don’t touch that door, you’ve been warned
Leafy rejoins the game
Get to the top of that huge staircase

Figure out who isn’t who
They say they are, or else you’re doomed
Team Ice Cube lost and Spongy’s mad
But first, get X’s treasure, fast!
Let’s get digging, what’d we find?
Holy gosh! a B.F.D.I

Lava’s coming, excavate
Avoid Golfball avoid our fate
Hey! It’s Golfball’s factory
[Eight Names Said at once] is finally U.F.E

Firey and Leafy feud
Get a happy thought to raise your mood
The lava’s drained, the land is burnt
Who’s that barreling towards the Earth?

Two shows up, they’re cool as heck
They split the show, fourteen are left
Now let’s see what’s going on
In the rest of this BFB marathon

*tape rewinds*

Four has now doubled the prize!
The show is back on track
Four needs them to get X back

Have Cots, Have Nots
Help grow those crops
Aloe vera, points to spare and
Taco’s gone no time to mourn her
Courts in session, hey your Fournor

Firey stole the diary
And blamed Leafy, conspiring
To make her pay for what she did
But they make up by the end of it

The Newbie Alliance forms
Blocky and Woody join forces
Flower’s sweaters save the day
When Purple Face makes his escape

Purple Face hosts the elimination
Four finds out and kind of hates him
We’ve hit the merge, so throw a party
Stop using these to say you’re sorry!

The Newbie Alliance adds in Teardrop
The namesake is really holding up
Get the totem from the temple
Flower wins using a pebble

Final five— no final six
Now Profily’s eliminated
Where are these folks coming from?
Get in the bus before more come!

Everyone’s in the Alliance
Doesn’t make sense, but they can try it
Gelatin’s locked in with Leafy
Teardrop wins immunity, and

Hey, did someone hear that sound?
It’s nothing to worry about
The Announcer’s taking his show back
‘Cause of everything Four and X lack

Four says they’ll always be around
Sinks in the dirt, becomes the ground
The merge is temporarily
Disbanded for a temporary team

Do all the challenges again
With help from former contestants
Flower wins immunity
To the final two, who will that be?

It’s Gelatin, who makes it through
Taco’s got snooping to do
Somethings up with The Announcer
Everyone around her doubts her

‘Til the budgets been depleted
Soon the show will be deleted
Unless they come up with the money
Purple Face, this isn’t funny!

The animation looks undone now
Flower, fork over the funds now
The show is saved but Four’s not back
Wait, what is that giant crack?

The final 2’s determined
And both of them have earned it
But only one can win the shooooow!

The viewers have decided
On who should win the prizes
Stay tuned for the final episode! | image tagged in _danny _ summer announcement template | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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_Danny._ Summer Announcement template

_Danny._ Summer Announcement template |  Depressed; I am fine, people from MSMG don’t realize what they did was wrong and thinking I’m a psycho isn’t okay! | image tagged in _danny _ summer announcement template | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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_Danny._ Summer Announcement template

_Danny._ Summer Announcement template |  tbh, i think i drew a human for the first time. Frosty's human form dream | image tagged in _danny _ summer announcement template | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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DH200-Official is the name of it

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i literally apologized

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_Danny._ Summer Announcement template

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I can’t stand the silence no longer!

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