Welcome to the Blood Gulch RP stream. We have assigned roles to whether you're Blue or Red team. Feel free to ask me: MemoriesOfChurch, if you have any questions
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 ROLES AS OF NOW:; Church - MemoriesOfChurch
Tucker - (N/A)/MemoriesOfChurch
Caboose - Memer69
Tex - (N/A)
Shelia - Spire
Doc - LilFlamy
Sarge - Captain_Scar
Donut - ThatKidOverThere
Grif - (N/A)
Simmons - (N/A) 
Lopez - (N/A)
Carolina- Nicø
Washington - Trainwatcher/MemoriesOfChurch
York - Trainwatcher
C.T - Tifflamemez
North Dakota - Anonymously.deleted
South Dakota - (N/A)
Flowers(Florida) - (N/A)
Felix - Ship-Shap/Major_Payne
Locus - Major_Payne/Ship-Shap
Sister - (N/A) | image tagged in blank white template | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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