Why The Last Jedi DID NOT ruin Luke Skywalker

Why The Last Jedi DID NOT ruin Luke Skywalker | SAME MOMENT AND DIFFERENT CONTEXTS JUST DIFFERENT OUTCOMES | image tagged in luke skywalker,darth vader luke skywalker,lightsaber,the dark side,temptation,kylo ren | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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Okay, I gotta give credit where credit is due. This is one of the best defenses I have seen for this particular issue.
However I feel it can't be a fair comparison because Luke was still young and had a lot to learn. Yes he nearly fell to the dark side when dueling Vader but he overcame that moment. And while getting fried by Palpatine he didn't even try to fight back.
Vader had done a host of evil things. But Kylo hadn't done anything yet. He just showed an inclination of turning to the dark side. Luke was in a life and death duel with Vader. And Vader taunted Luke by threatening to turn his sister to the dark side. Which I think spurred Luke into more aggressive fighting. Kylo however was just sleeping. And Luke being a much older and wiser Jedi should not have responded that way to Kylo. Why didn't Luke try to kill Palpatine after defeating Vader? He didn't want to kill Palpatine because to attempt doing so would have meant Luke giving into the dark side. And he was a Jedi.
Luke being an older and wiser Jedi should not have been tempted, let alone giving into that temptation, to kill a boy showing an inclination of turning to the dark side.
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Fair enough. But I think its what Luke saw in Kylo's head that caused him to act that way. And I think the whole point go that scene was to show that Luke isn't perfect and that it was purely and emotional reaction to suspected loss. Same with him and Vader. But also, similar to Empire when Luke abandons his training to save Han and Leia from Vader and thus loses. Because he let his emotions control him. Just like the flashback in Last Jedi. And that the Jedi of the Prequel era preached that letting your emotions cloud your judgement can be dangerous.
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