And the Centuries Old Hatred, Continues....

And the Centuries Old Hatred, Continues.... | We hate Zionists, not Jews; therefore, we're not antisemitic. And yet you use the same, inflammatory allegations, against these people as th | image tagged in hate,bigotry,zionist,conspiracy,jews,blood libel | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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In case anyone was wondering about why I've asked "YwY" to leave, please see my exchange with that person in my "Inhaling Seagull" meme here:
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This guy is a paid revisionist, remaking the same memes in different fashions pushing subversion and revision
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One more time, please leave.
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I will fallow your wishes but honestly a lot of ppl don’t know what your talking about unless they study religion, Jewish history or occultism. It really throw me off to read your points and what was left out. I agree with your message but it’s the unspoken implications that I can’t 100% agree with bc it washing/rewriting some history and gentiles and goyams. Im not implying their is no false history bc that naive. I can tell your educated in this religion so it would make a better conversation then and Arguement. As I to enjoy studying religions and debating history with others. So your paradigm leaves me more confused bc of what it implies. I agree any excuse for hate is misconstrued and wrong but it’s the modern geopolitical issues and paradigms are unsettling. journalist Abby martins empire nation series is a great example how regardless ppl think we’re different, we all the same regardless of religions beliefs bc of our intentions and actions. That’s not implying anything bad but saying we’re all human. Or do you believe in a chosen supremacy?
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And what sort of allegations do these people use?

1. Blood Libel (Blood Liable):
"The Zionist Jews caused famine!"
"They've poisoned our wells!"
"My baby is dying because of them!"
"We've lost the war because of them!"

2. Octopus Illustration
"They're in every government sector..."
"...They control the media..."
"...They have the banks..."
"... see, they're trying to take over the world!"

3. Deicide ("God Killer")
"They killed Jesus"
"They torture the Eucharist"
"They drink the blood of Christian babies"

4. "Synagogue of Satan"
These two verses do not actually say that the Jews are Satan's children but speak of only those WHO CLAIMED TO BE JEWS... not those who are Jews.

5. The Babylonian Talmud
"The Babylonian Talmud justifies every heinous deed they do against non-Jews"
The Talmud is not scripture, but a compilation of Rabbinical thought and commentary on the scriptures and the issues of life.

Also, not all contained in the Talmud are in agreement with each other. Thus, some Rabbis are moderate as others are over-zealous. For example, some of the Rabbis see Jesus as a good man but delusional, and others see Him as a false prophet of the worst sort. So naturally, they would have strong feelings against His followers and would love to stone Christians as they would with any other blasphemer. Bear in mind that they follow Old Testament laws which include the stoning of witches, adulterers, and blasphemers.

In addition, they're also a product of their time. You may have heard that the Talmud supports Pedophilia? Well, that, unfortunately, is not at all an uncommon practice in the Middle East and elsewhere. And guess what, the practice was also done in Europe before the 20th century as well. Watch or read "Pride and Prejudice" and you'll see that at that time it's OK for adult males marrying teenage girls [Mr. Wckam and Lydia (age 15)]. Thus the Talmud, including the Babylonian variant, are writings of different Rabbis over time. it's not considered holy scripture.
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And yet you use the same, inflammatory allegations, against these people as the antisemites of the past. We hate Zionists, not Jews; therefore, we're not antisemitic. Only that you dismiss the fact that these people are Jews but Khazars. Thus, you can deny you're an antisemite.
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