Even Capt. Picard is sick of your circular reasoning shit

Even Capt. Picard is sick of your circular reasoning shit | You can't USE the Bible to PROVE the Bible You small-minded twat | image tagged in picard wtf,anti-religion,religion,atheism,bible sucks,bible | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
918 views, 13 upvotes, Made by StormShadow 17 months ago picard wtfanti-religionreligionatheismbible sucksbible
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Sure you can, it says so in the Bible.
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Hehe...and thus the problem lol
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Snake church | BUT IT MAKES COMPLETE SENSE | image tagged in snake church | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
I upvoted the logics, not the insults.
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Thank you, and if the insults offended you, well, imagine how offensive it is for reasoned people to have to deal with the willfully ignorant every day. They are allowed to say we will burn in hell for not buying into their idiot god belief, but we aren't allowed to use naughty language?? That's a double standard. Their archaic beliefs that harm people DAILY are a thousand times more offensive than the word "twat"...which means something completely different in the UK, btw. Thanks again for the upvote and your views.
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DAMMIT FOLKS, SATAN IS ANOTHER CHARACTER FROM THE SAME BOOK! | image tagged in memes,black girl wat | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
Satanist actually put belief in the same god as they do (just not the same idealism).
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Sorry, I have NO idea what you are talking about. But thanks anyway.

I wonder if that woman in the meme gets her heart crushed every time she sees it? I'm sorry for her.
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Ah, I am almost always told by a christian that if I am not a christian, I am a satanist and that I am going to hell.
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Oh, I understand. Sorry about that. That is THEIR ignorance if they think that. Just be a good person, no god needed, and to hell with what the religious think. Their hands aren't exactly clean morally. Secular morality is far superior to their "morality thru fear of hell" thinking. Be strong!
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Also, it was kind of a joke imagining Capt. Picard saying something like that. It would have been another boring meme without that angle, like the hundreds of vanilla boring memes people make here every day.
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but you can find verse which ended up being true
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Sorry, not following you. Verse of what? If you are talking about the Bible, of course there a few verses in it that are most likely true, such as when it talks of actual locations. But NOTHING, absolutely NOTHING supernatural in the Bible has ever been proved true, and one CANNOT us the Bible to prove they are true, BECAUSE the Bible is the CLAIM, not the evidence. It is called circular reasoning when you use the claim as "evidence".

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You can't USE the Bible to PROVE the Bible; You small-minded twat
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