The Rap Battle Will Be On This Meme At 9 PM EST

The Rap Battle Will Be On This Meme At 9 PM EST | TIME FOR A RAP BATTLE! OLYMPIANPRODUCT VS. MEMESTERMEMESTERSON | image tagged in putin nuke 2,epic rap battles of history,olympianproduct,memestermemesterson | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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This right here is OlympianProduct's story
Don't worry, it's not grim or gory
Back in my day, I started out small
And quickly learned from those who stand tall
But then Olympian discovered a ruse
From an evil troll named tedcruz
And on and on they fought
But Olympian always sought
The friendship of memers like Juicydeath, Octavia, DashHopes
and many more, so Olympian was never in the mopes
Up and up on the all-time leaderboard he rose
Meeting more memers like ghostofchurch and shabbyrose
Troll after troll always came
But they always met Olympian's troll flame
So for a long time, things were great
But after time, Olympian began to hate
What he noticed the site had become
everyone was arguing politics, it was just dumb
So Olympian said "I have a plan!"
"I'll run to become Imgflip's top man!"
So he announced and MemesterMemesterson planned
to try and get Olympian canned
So that's why we're having this battle
So we can really shake and rattle
each other to our roots
(even though Memester wants to get it on with Dora and Boots)
So I come to all Imgflippers, whether you be a top user, new user, brony
Star Wars buff, Trump supporter, photoshop master, or some communist crony
On December 20, vote OlympianProduct for Imgflip president
It will not be a choice you resent
Memester's plan for Imgflip?
I can tell you in one word: zip
He will only seek to detroy those who grow
By playing this: (click to show)
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Leonardo Dicaprio Cheers Meme | GOOD STUFF | image tagged in memes,leonardo dicaprio cheers | made w/ Imgflip meme maker
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I'd join in but it seems like I've been left out
10 ups
Take the initiative as a leader and do it!
9 ups
As potential VP I say we don't want a two party system, jump in there!
8 ups, 1 reply
5 ups, 1 reply
10 ups, 1 reply
I've already reached out to Kenosha County Sheriff's Department. I'll call Twin Lakes PD in the morning.
6 ups, 1 reply
I don't think this is necessary.
8 ups, 1 reply
We'll find out what their opinion is.
7 ups, 3 replies
That disappeared quick
9 ups
6 ups, 2 replies
The account is still there.
6 ups
The link went 404 before I could link back to the account. Iwould think that should go soon too.
2 ups
He's back!
2 ups
I don't think that's really him. Twin Lakes PD told me how to handle the situation.
8 ups
Why Dash? Lol :)
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Your Communism is worse than Shadow101’s
I’m winning 2 to none,
None, like my Anaconda don’t want unless you got buns, Hun!
Of course I’m not talking about YOUR buns,
Because you aren’t a Hun,
But perhaps you could qualify as a nun,
Until a man who wants to marry you whips out his… uh... gun…
Y’know… after he finds out he’s a man…

Back to the non-forced rhymes,
This site has gone to hell in recent times,
From the memes starting hate crimes,
While the calm ones are waiting for the update on Octavia’s dimes.

I’ve been more interactive with the new community,
You’re too busy looking at MLP porn and Jeffrey nudity!
You claim to be inactive because of work,
Unless your job is jacking to meat and pork!

I got clinkster who’ll tell all y’all cool stories,
If you’re addicted to Jeffrey and MLP porn,
It wouldn’t be surprising for your searches to be Marlin and Dory!
All of my promises have been sworn!

If you wanted to at least team up to beat CourierCommenter,
I’d say yes,
Ah shit, Olympian's rap is cancer, somebody get me water, medicine, and the thermometer!

They’re not horrible I guess,
But f**k you for thinking it’s the best!
This is coming from the US West,
It’s no coincidence you live close to Jeffrey,
Like Seriously? What the f’ey?
Forget that last part,
That rhyme wasn’t very smart, but anyways:

I should blame you for getting tedcruz and tetsuoswrath in my path,
And CourierCommenter is nasty,
Tell ‘em to take a bath,
And send him to Tallahassee!

He wants to put weird stuff in his mouth,
Weird stuff that are gross,
Trump and I would send him to the south,
Kinda things you’d say on an overdose!

I used my raps to roast tedcruz,
And you will be the next victim,
This is gonna leave a bruise,
You just go right ahead continuing to rig the system!

We need a leader who’ll never give the you up,
And you thought you’re help wouldn’t come from the Rick-Rolling God?
Will I never let you down, never round around, never desert you? Yup!
Your raps have already flawed!

I’mma keep climbing to the top,
From when I started from the bottom now I’m here,
Ain’t never gonna stop,
It’s your turn, start it quick,
Before Jeffrey and Courier stick something in your ear,
Which would be a dick…
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Not bad, but I digress
Surely Imgflip deserves the best
And I believe I'm most qualified for the job
Because I can unite us into one big mob
to demand the change we need
not for you to give dicks to feed
You accuse me of being a communist too?
No one's as big a communist as you!
With your cool story bro roll
Now how's clinkster supposed to troll?
I have real plans, I have real goals
You on the other hand just want to Rickroll!
You say Dicks Out for Harambe, we know why
Harambe would throw your dick sky-high
This rap battle is not over, far from it
So here's a present for you, it's a giant zit
5 ups
Believe it or not, you inspired me to Rick-Roll,
Clearly, getting rid of Jeffrey was your last goal,
Now you can't move on from this "tragedy",
That bullshit is not for this Galaxy!
Who knew how much of a CourierCommenter you could be?

You think you're most qualified for President?
Sure, that's what was said about Hillary by Obama,
You'd buy Octavia's MLP porn drawings for a lot more than just cent!
Just wait until that secret gets out to Yo Mama!

This Rap Battle is over soon,
How can anybody take a Jeffrey lover seriously?
And I expected this to last tomorrow until noon?
I've won and it's not something that should be thought mysteriously.

You couldn't have defeated tedcruz without my help,
And can't admit that? Welp,
Who's the one who got his private information?
And who's too focused on masturbation?

Your username should at least be relevant to what you do,
That can't even beat mypantysmile,
Creatures like you belong in the zoo!
This reply is taking a while,
For a good reason:
I'm not the one throwing out random crap!
'Tis the season,
To destroy f**kers with your raps!
Seriously dude?
Still trying to fap?
That shit's considered rude!

Get your ass back in the game,
Just like I'd tell you to get to Page 9,
Memester's my first name, Memesterson's my last name,
And for now, this is my final line!
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Why is everything my fault?
7 ups
8 ups, 2 replies
Guess who's alive? :D
7 ups, 1 reply
Enjoying it so far? :)
7 ups
Adding some more lyrics, I only had about half of this.
7 ups
Glad you made it lol
7 ups, 2 replies
I dunno what to say... holy shit!!
You're rhymes are really a hit!
All this talking about Jeffrey and groin..
I think it's making me want to join!

I'm gonna stab everyone; with knives and tacks!
I hit hard because I am the CarbonTHWACK!
Everyone get ready to enter a world of pain!
Because you're in the way of my maglev train!!

Olympian, I've got nothing to say about you!
I think I'm gonna vote for you, too!

Courier, I do kinda like your memes
But you lost my vote cause you attacked my stream!
I've could go on; I've got a lot to say about you
But it all sums up with your agreement with Soliberal_20022

Before you start on how Tets is a troll,
Remember, Memester, what dogllorT was; you Rickroll!

If you think carefully, with great acuity
Just remember my gender ambiguity!

(Seriously, Love ya guys :D)
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2 ups, 1 reply
1 up
Thanks!! :D
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I see one guy talking about the main stuff
Perhaps for others this is too tough
I may just be a running mate
But we need to cut down on all the hate
We've already made one campaign promise come true
If Jeffrey shows up again I'll be phoning the boys in blue
We're already taking action
Bringing back the satisfaction
It should be pretty clear who will be chosen by masses
It'll be the Russian guy with really reflective glasses
6 ups
Great one! :)
6 ups, 1 reply
I've been left out?
7 ups
If you want in, you gotta rap your way in. It's a rap battle after all.
4 ups, 1 reply

If I say "I blew your mom yesterday" there's a good chance I'm joking.
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4 ups, 1 reply
I'll f**k YOU in the ass,
Don't drop the soap,
It's not time to mope,
I'll get the rope,
Don't eat out the pope,
Even if you're on dope,
You'll still get groped,
I hope you can cope,
I'll put my cock in that slope,
I'll f**k YOU in the ass like an antelope!
8 ups, 2 replies
HA! You call that rap?
Where I come from, that's called crap!
What's that little man?
Your campaign doesn't even have a plan!
Your VP is mypantysmile
Who by the way is a f**king pedophile!
You won't heal the Imgflip divide
You just want Jeffrey to take you for a ride
So once you finally get some skills
I'll be over here with mad dolla bills
Adding trolls to my list of kills
Faster than you can say "Drill Baby Drill!"
6 ups, 2 replies
I'll take my pantysmiles
We, the lesser known go on for miles.
You can't count us out because we have no clique,
We still rule in numbers, now ain't that sick.
I say we all get along,
but don't get me wrong,
I'm not here for love, and affection,
I'm still tops in natural selection.
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Not a bad rap, but can you fight
Every single troll and all their might?
Every troll I met has crashed and burned
I'm able to fulfill every promise I've yearned
How many times has pantyman left now?
Wait, three times? Holy cow!
So I'll say this since we just met:
The rap is with you, but you're no rapper yet.
5 ups
I'm no rapper so you say,
please step aside, and get outta my way.
I'm not trolling, just here strolling,
wondering why your so set on sending heads rolling?
Pantysmiles may be a bit crude,
seriously though why let him get to you.
Why do you judge, this poor skinny man,
you're being a bully, I'm sure you understand,
as it's all part of your plan.
I see him differently-as a sad, lonely man.
Guess you don't see much, cause you have your nose turned up.
To all this I say- we are who we are.
We've all come to imgflip to create,
not to form cliques that berate.
5 ups, 1 reply
Be my VP?
5 ups, 1 reply
Sign of weakness? Can't beat 'em, get 'em to join you instead?
5 ups
PepsiGal is independent as well.
5 ups, 1 reply
That's actually pretty funny^

I f**ked my sister, and I'll f**k YOU too,
There's nothing my cock won't do!
I'll cum 5 gallons in your ugly f**king sandal shoes!

It's too bad about Jeffrey,
He really was quite great,
But when it comes to the pedo game,
I'd say he's a bit late!
Too much of a coward to say your own name,
On those who don't hurt you, you place the blame,
Your comebacks are stupid as your username! (your username is actually better than mine...)
You and ghostofchurch think Jeffrey's untame?
Wait 'til we hear about the Olympian, the misbecame!
You won't end the troll fights, all you'll do is re-enflame,
But it doesn't matter,
Put in strokes your mother's lion's mane
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Talking about dicks, really, that's all?
I'm starting to think yours is really small
No sane person would like Jeffrey's porn
And that is why I've sworn
To use all my power
To bring around Jeffrey's last hour
Porn spammers don't fare well here
When they hear OlympianProduct, it instills fear
into their hearts, much like trolls
who fuel my troll flames, just like coals
Tedcruz and Chakotay suffered my flame
and all the other trolls are honestly quite lame
So if you want a choice you won't resent
On tuesday, vote OlympianProduct for Imgflip president!
3 ups, 1 reply
I'm surprised you don't enjoy the dick talk,
since you're used to getting all that dick stock!
your brother and your father,
or should I say "Adulterers",
like to eat your dick as if it's an appetizer!
Your screams sound like an amplifier,
with your dick as stubby as a stylizer's,
your raps get worst, becoming weepier?
I'm going against an MLP fetishizer,
who's acting like his ass was clamped by a lobster,
that's fitting, though, your seafood ass
already sucks "red snappers" and has fat crabs!
5 ups, 1 reply
I can already tell I won (drops mic)
4 ups
When I'm actually serious you just ignore it
5 ups, 1 reply
My dick is as hard as a cantaloupe,
The size of a sniperscope,
Rotten and decaying like an unstable isotope,
I lean in and it stretches like a tight-rope,
Bend over son, my cock is in your horoscope,
Whatever you do, don't hope,
That I won't cum in an envelope!

TL;DR: I'm a f*ggot
7 ups, 2 replies
You like dicks, don't you CourierCommenterward?
Cuz you've just been nominated for the I Love Dicks award
That must be why Jeffrey is your VP
His has the tools to make you scree...
Maybe you two should stop trying to hump
And grab some pussy, like Donald Trump
Just like the Donald, I'll Make Imgflip Great Again
You just wanna make Imgflip Hate Again
So I rest my case
Right in your mom's face :)
6 ups, 1 reply
Hey! Just because I like dicks doesn't mean I'm gay!
It means that my cock is having a field day.
Jeffrey plows your dad, like he's a stack of hay,
While me and your sister practice foreplay,
your brother joins in for some "horseplay",
Jeff and I enter swordplay,
don't forget, I blew your mom yesterday
9 ups, 1 reply
You wanna talk dicks, I wanna talk issues
But I guess the grown-up topics make you break out the tissues
You wanna be president, you have some growing up to do
You gotta be better than this dick talk you wanna spew
P**ises don't vote, people do
We want change, not sticky goo
So step aside, let the grown ups run things
Cuz we get things done instead of playing with our ting tings
5 ups
Issues? You mean where you blast all who disagree with you?
Your tyranny against Jeffrey is what makes me want to diss you!
Anyone you don't like, you throw to the imgfire,
your mind is too small to even understand satire!
under your control, horrors will transpire,
please! you don't belong here! resign and retire!
you're the one that no one admires,
your words and your rhymes of which no one inspires,
make YOU the true squire,
with your boring ass repertoire!
Now it's time for Courier to counterfire,
now move on, future waiter, and take your pourboire!
4 ups
Your rebuttals are a throwaway,
I'd get better comeback from the ball in Castaway,
having sex with hot grandpas under the stairway,
your evil deeds against jeffrey, you try to downplay,
doesn't matter though, my cock is like a giant stingray
2 ups
2 ups
5 ups
Can I at least make a cameo and make **pe jokes?
1 up
I'll just post this gif of Snoop Dogg instead :/
1 up, 1 reply
1 up, 2 replies
Maybe. He's a skinny guy that likes to post pictures of himself, scantily clad, much like a female might. He goes by the name pantysmiles.
2 ups, 1 reply
1 up
2 ups, 1 reply
1 up
You're welcome!
2 ups
The snow glows white on the mountain tonight
Not a footprint to be seen.
A kingdom of isolation,
and it looks like I'm the Queen
The wind is howling like this swirling storm inside
Couldn't keep it in;
Heaven knows I've tried
Don't let them in,
don't let them see
Be the good girl you always have to be
Conceal, don't feel,
don't let them know
Well now they know
Let it go, let it go
Can't hold it back anymore
Let it go, let it go
Turn away and slam the door
I don't care
what they're going to say
Let the storm rage on.
The cold never bothered me anyway
It's funny how some distance
Makes everything seem small
And the fears that once controlled me
Can't get to me at all
It's time to see what I can do
To test the limits and break through
No right, no wrong, no rules for me,
I'm free!
Let it go, let it go
I am one with the wind and sky
Let it go, let it go
You'll never see me cry
Here I stand
And here I'll stay
Let the storm rage on
My power flurries through the air into the ground
My soul is spiraling in frozen fractals all around
And one thought crystallizes like an icy blast
I'm never going back, the past is in the past
Let it go, let it go
And I'll rise like the break of dawn
Let it go, let it go
That perfect girl is gone
Here I stand
In the light of day
Let the storm rage on
The cold never bothered me anyway
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